Saathi Children Programme


Saathi’s children support program opened in October 2001, the shelter is a refuge for abused children, street children and orphans. Children Safer home provides shelter, food, clothing, education and security for 185 children aged between 5 to 19.The children face various problems like sexual abuse, orphans, poverty, domestic violence, step parents, lack of love etc which force them to live on street. Now from this year we have five safer homes for children where we have 80 boys and 105 girls. Altogether we have 54 total staffs working with the kids. Four safer homes which have 160 children are supported by Smart Pharma consulting and one safer home with 25 girls is supported by Crystal Kids.


Mission and vision of our program:

Our mission is to give the children good health, better education and to sustain and improve the quality of life and future.



  • Saathi feels the need to help the children at the Shelter to become
  • confident and self-reliant to live an independent life and make them independent in the society in the future. Saathi feels the need to help the children at the Shelter to become confident and self-reliant to live an independent life.
  • To assess the family and to reintegrate them to their family.
  • To find out the deep cause of their problem.
  • To provide them psycho social counseling and life skills training to empower them.
  • To give formal education and vocational trainings.
  • To make them independent in the society in the future.
  • Regular family and community assessment and follow up home visit.
  • To give scholarship to those students who are hard working and who have poor economic conditions and are re integrated to their families.


Target Group:

Children on and of the street aged 5-12 come from extremely poor and or dysfunctional families, are sexually abused by pedophiles, street children or who have no other choice than being exploited for survival. Children who are victims of rape, incest and domestic violence, Maoist victim, poverty with alcoholic parents and orphan. Girls who are vulnerable and are at high risk of exploitation and who needs protection.


Children Home Activities:

In order to accomplish the proposed services certain activities are outlined which will act as a guideline to ensure the smooth implementation of the program. The activities are as follow:

  • Safer Home
  • Psycho Social Counseling and Awareness classes
  • Family Counseling
  • Reintegration
  • Family assessment
  • Formal Education
  • Recreation/ Extracurricular activities[Tabla, dance and theater classes ]
  • Medical Support
  • Group Care
  • Vocational Trainings
  • Cultural program and festivals
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Annual program[sports Day, Health camp, Annual day]
  • Outing
  • Parents meeting



All the children are provided formal education. They go to Shahid Dharma bhakta school,Glorious school, Adarsha Saulo high school and future stars high school.

Saathi have been running four children homes till last year. This year at the end of February we opened one more home for the girls. Now we have two boy’s homes with 80 boys and three girl’s homes with 105 girls. The shelter tries to include a variety of activities to entertain and educate the children all year round. We also provide Psycho social counseling and awareness raising programs for the children.

Last year 7 children and this year total 5 children passed SLC in first division. They have joined Prasadi Academy, United Academy,Unique Academy and Srijana college of fine arts.


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