Legal gains for women in Nepal

In the twentieth session, the Parliament House of Representatives passed the Country Code (Eleventh Amendment) Bill with some amendments that had been under consideration since the eleventh session of the parliament. The Bill must again be passed by the House of Representatives because it was not passed by the National Assembly.

Some of the discriminatory laws have been repealed in the Bill and women are entitled to some significant rights, although there is a continued existence of discriminatory laws.

[ Download the 11th Amendment to the Muluki Ain ]

Future programs

Saathi are currently working to expand their programmes and services to include:
A) Expansion of Saathi Shelter services.
B) Expansion of programmes within existing shelters
C) Production and marketing of hand made paper products both nationally and internationally.
D) Expansion of scholarship programs.
E) Continuation of community and social mobilization programs.
F) National level Awareness Raising campaign on VAW&C.
G) Establishment of community centers.
H) Awareness Raising on women’s legal rights and the UN Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).
I) Social mobilization on Child Rights.
J) Research on domestic violence

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