Children Programme

Project Overview:

Saathi’s Children Program was established in October 2001 with the goal of providing refuge to street children from abuse and exploitation. Today, we go the extra mile to rescue and support children in need from various walks of life. These children are from the street, orphans, poor socio-economic backgrounds, victims of sexual, emotional and domestic abuse, children who are abandoned, abused, having poor economic state, victims of domestic violence and those who do not have access to basic human rights.


In entirety, the main goal of the program is to provide a nurturing environment to the children. Saathi Children shelter is designed to provide shelter, food, clothing, education, and security. Here, the kids are safe, loved and armed with skills that help them survive in the real world with the right educational and vocational tools.


 The children aged between 5 to 19 years are kept in the safer homes of the Saathi children program. Altogether Saathi has five children’s safer homes, two for 69 boys and three for 106 girls. The children are provided long term shelter till they complete high school.

The four shelters and youth program have been successfully running with the support of “Smart Pharma Consultancy (Jean Michel Peny)” from France and one shelter is supported by “Crystal Kids”.


“Drop-in centre” was started from 2001 to 2009. Its aim was to meet the immediate needs of street children in the area while fighting against child abuse and exploitation by allowing the children the right to education. Total entry-822, family reintegration-228, scholarship-22, vocational training-77, referral to long term Saathi children home-115. 

Saathi Youth Program:

The Saathi Youth Program was founded in 2015 to support the children’s residents in successfully transitioning from Safer Homes into communities where they can lead an independent life. 


It is an initiative to help and educate children who were sheltered by Saathi after they finished their high school (+2 or education of similar standard) and were re-integrated with the family or guardian. This program helped aspiring children to achieve their higher education so that their future would be safe and so that they could make a living out of it. The children, who do not have family, are provided a rental room which they have to share with their friends from Saathi.


 If these youth are interested in furthering their formal education, they are aided with scholarships for higher education. If they wish to discontinue formal education, they are supported by vocational training and job placement.


Till date we have 49 youths (28 girls and 21 boys). Our youths are employed in various private sectors ranging from hotel management and small business to education and health, among others. Apart from this our youths are also enrolled in various faculties like BHM, MHM, BBA, BBS, BSW, MSW, MBM, Pharmacy, Radiology, Lab Technician, Computer Engineering and Bachelors in Fashion Designing. Furthermore, Saathi is also hosting a Youth Talk Program every couple of months to bring forth the voices and concerns of youth.

“Bagali ma Kala”

“Bagali ma Kala” project between Saathi and L’Arten Pocheasbl has created an impact on children in terms of developing their creativity, artistic skills and even boosting their confidence. The collaboration between Saathi and L’Arten Pocheasbl that was initiated in 2008-2009 has been able to enhance children by molding their minds to learn artistic abilities.


Classes for Tabala, Flute, Guitar, Theatre show and even vocal coaching are held which in return does not fail to provide us with an optimistic outcome. Many of our students are trained in this workshop and are successful in scooping out the inner talent within them. Developing such talent and ability not only help the children to stand out of the crowd and showcase their ability but it helps in shooting up their self-confidence which were not developed before and which ostracized them from the society. Public performances held by the students also eradicated social anxiety and a sense of fear from such social events.


The progression of children in such fields has been positive. Many children are skilled enough to train others. They also have received certificates to mark their achievements. They have given many musical and theatrical performances along with the trainees which were appreciated by the public crowd.

Mission and vision:

Our mission is to give the children good health, better education and to sustain and improve their quality of life and future.



  • To provide protection to the children who are living in high risk and provide them a safe child friendly environment, utmost love and care.
  •  To help the children at the safer home become confident and self-reliant to live an independent life.
  • To assess the family and to reintegrate children in their family.
  • Maintain and regulate rehabilitation, reintegration and follow up.
  • To find out the deep cause of their problem.
  • Providing formal education and vocational training.
  • To provide psycho social counseling and life skills training to empower them.
  • Help children socialize, be responsible and self-independent in society.
  • Help children learn to face and accept various challenges.


In order to accomplish the proposed services certain activities are outlined which will act as a guideline to ensure the smooth implementation of the program. The activities are as follows:

  • Psycho Social Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Reintegration
  • Follow up visits
  • Formal Education
  • Non-Formal Education
  • Recreation/ Extracurricular activities
  • Medical Support
  • Vocational Training
  • Life skills Trainings
  • Festivities and Culture
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Outing
  • Sports day
  • Annual Program
  • Awareness Programs and Workshops
  • Parents/Guardians Meeting
  • Child Club