Saathi organized conference on the Localization of CEDAW Commitments: Gender Mainstreaming in Provincial Governments” in province no 2, 3 and 4. The conference was designed in the context of provincial governments drafting their first ever five-year plan.   It was held in Pokhara, the headquater of  10-11 Janaury

The aim of the conference was to sensitize officials involved in provincial planning about the CEDAW provisions and gender mainstreaming concept making the periodic provincial plan being draft further gender responsive.

The conference was able to garner commitments for the gender responsive planning from the likes of Chief Minister of the provinces, members of provincelegislatives, commissioners at policy and planning commissions.

The conference also included the topic on right to information lining it with the empowerment of women in province and local level. Yesoda Timsina, commissioner at the National Information Commission herself acted as a trainer.

First conference was held at province no 4 capital, Pokhara on 10-11 January. Speaking in the inaugural session, the speakers and deputy speakers of the province legislature assembly, ministers of the province government and provincial lawmakers were in agreement that deep-rooted patriarchal thoughts and gender biases continue to reflect in our policies, plans and interventions in every level of governments. Therefore the summoned all people to think more consciously and act more sensitively, plan more inclusively for gender equality and women empowerment in their province.

Speakers and Deputy speaker of Gandaki province ( province no 4) assembly, Chief Secretary of the Gandaki Province Government, high ranking officials involved provincial government planning expressed their commitments for gender mainstreaming in policy and plans they are going to draft.

Speaking at the inauguration session of the conference at Janakpur, the capital of province no 2, on 13-14 January, Lalbabu Raut said that his government is well aware about the gender mainstreaming in their planning.  He said that the province government has already started implementing the program related to safety, security and empowerment of the women and girls.

In the program organized in Hetauda, the capital of province no 3 on 28-29 January, the speaker at the province assembly Sanu Kumar Shrestha said that provincial planning needs to consider the gender mainstreaming issue seriously. He said that gender issues should be given due attention for the advancement of women which is linked to the development of society.

Challenges for women empowerment, safety and security

Issues that need to be included in province planning

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