Working Actively Together for Children


WATCH project focus on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (SECTT) is supported by TDH-NL since 2013. Traveling Child Sex Offenders/Pedophile selects Nepal as a destination point for Sexual Abuse/Exploitation. Children (boys and girls) are at high risk of Sexual Abuse/Exploitation due to lack of awareness and un-protective society. By employing a work strategy based on Prevention, Provision, Promotion and Persecution, the project undertakes the following types of work: case research on Child Sexual Abuse/Exploitation; Access to Justice for the victims; assistance provision to children and their families to report sexual abused and exploitation cases; legal aid and protection; and coordination with police and public prosecution officers.


  • Evidence based case research
  • Assisting and Empowering victim and their families to report child sexual abused and exploitation cases
  • Prevention on sexual abuse/exploitation/pedophilia
  • Awareness and Advocacy
  • Protection of children


  • Case Research conducted: 358
  • Saathi played bridging role between victim child and Law Enforcement to arrest and access to justice in which 84 child sex offenders/pedophiles (37 foreigners and 47 Nepali)
  • Vulnerable children were made aware on child sexual abuse and exploitation/pedophiles: 657 (Male: 315 & Female: 342)
  • Education support provided: 111 children (Male: 72 & Female: 39)
  • Legal service (coordination with CeLRRd) provided: 111 Children (Male: 72 & Female: 39)
  • Medical support provided: 68 children (Male: 51 & Female: 17)
  • Psychosocial counselling provided: 172 Children (Male: 114 & Female: 58)
  • Immediate support provided: 102 Children (Male: 83 & Female: 19)
  • Family Income Generation Activities Support: 37 (Male: 19 & Female: 18)
  • Enhanced coordination with police and lawyers to ensure the justice for the victim and their families