Inclusive Movement for Gender Equal Society

Saathi has been implementing Program “Inclusive Movement for Gender Equal Society” with the aim of taking the generational movement forward in Preventing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), strengthening advocacy in a changed federal structure, and consolidating Saathi’s programmatic monitoring and evaluation.

The program’s objective is to bring about social change against prevalent gender-based violence through the mobilization of networks, engaging men and boys, and building synergy with the stakeholders. The movement-building amplifies the voices of survivors and engages the change agents such as religious leaders, role models, policymakers, and community leaders aimed at changing mindsets, attitudes, and behavior at the individual, family, and societal levels.

Additionally, the program strategizes to engage the youth particularly adolescent girls and boys, sensitizing them on feminist values and them aware of the use of international treaties, and conventions as instruments to strengthen advocacy and build a more robust youth-led movement. The youth change-makers will be mobilized, providing them with new opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally. In the process, issues of young women living with disability, and women members of sexual minority groups will also be highlighted and integrated into the inclusive movement-building process. 

Under the program main areas of activities will be as follow:

·       Positive Engagement with provincial   sub-national and local governments

·       Effective use of change agents demystifying gender-biased social norms

·       Building synergy among the stakeholders

·        Capacitating youth and mobilizing them for social change

·       Strengthening organizational governance