Saathi UTTHAN Project

´Supporting Children, Adolescent and youth at risk of and survivors of exploitation in Nepal’


The UTTHAN project focuses on girls and youth working in the adult entertainment sector as the fact shows that, approximately 1650 young children are working in adult entertainment sector. Girls working in this sector are more vulnerable to labor exploitation, sexual abuse, psychological and physical violence, and poor and irregular pay. Adult entertainment workers cannot openly walk in society and live a dignified life and many of them have to lie about their work as society looks down upon them. The proper law has not been implemented for this sector nor there is constant monitoring from the government sector hence they are more prone to violence and less likely to access justice.

The UTTHAN Project is making an effort to refocus the attention of the business community, civil society and local government on this issue to generate effective rules and regulation.

The UTTHAN project will provide counseling to those girls who are often traumatized and are facing the problem. The UTTHAN project will constantly reassess and modify activities as needed to ensure children’s safety.


  • Provide life skill training (UPSHIFT Training)
  • Counseling and assisting the girls and youth working in the adult entertainment sector.
  • Advocacy and lobby at private and government sector
  • Awareness program through outreach events
  • Family reintegration
  • Business and Educational support
  • Vocational Training

Key Achievements

  • Provided UPSHIFT Training 104 girls
  • Vulnerable girls and youth were made aware on various issues like safe migration, cyber crime and even in mensuration hygiene.
  • Vocational support provided: 10
  • Family reintegration: 1
  • Business support provided: 7
  • Withdraw from the adult entertainment sector after getting vocational and business support: 17
  • Psychosocial counseling and career counseling provided: 41
  • Enhance coordination with stakeholders to make the work place of young girls more secure