June 17, 2024, Lalitpur – Saathi organized an orientation program aimed at refreshing the knowledge and skills of residential staff on critical topics related to child safeguarding, involving 22 dedicated staff members from all four of the Children Safer homes. The sessions, facilitated by the Children Program management team, covered essential subjects such as Child Safety and Violence Prevention, organizational Policies, Basic First Aid Techniques, and Professional Etiquette.

The primary objective was to ensure that staff are well-equipped to protect children from harm, respond effectively to any instances of violence, and maintain a consistent and safe environment in the safer homes. Understanding Saathi’s policies was emphasized to ensure all residential staff members are well-versed in organizational guidelines and protocols.

Orientation in basic first aid was provided to enable residential staff to promptly address minor injuries and emergencies. Professional etiquette was also a focal point, aiming to enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of staff interactions within the safer home environment.

By focusing on these key areas, the orientation program aims to strengthen the capacity of residential staff to ensure the safety and well-being of children under our care, promote a cohesive understanding of organizational policies, empower staff with essential first aid skills, and foster a professional and respectful atmosphere.