December 8, 2023 – Saathi organised an impactful cyber safety session at Bal Vinod Secondary School, Pulchowk. The event garnered an active participation of 80 enthusiastic participants, including teachers and students. The session offered invaluable insights into cybercrime, covering online safety measures, data protection, and the crucial role of strong passwords in thwarting digital threats. Led by Anup Nasnani, Saathi’s Head of Data & Communication, the discussions delved into the complexities of cyber threats, particularly focusing on safety practices tailored for women and girls in the digital sphere.

During the event, Sapna Maharjan, Coordinator of Saathi Women Shelters, emphasized the importance of initiatives like the ’16 Days of Activism’ in ensuring women’s safety, security, and empowerment in the digital realm. Saathi remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering cyber safety awareness and advocating for empowerment. With ongoing efforts, Saathi aims to equip communities with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the digital landscape securely.