October 7, 2023, Saathi Children Program celebrated Dashain- 2080 with cultural program and exchange of good wishes.

The annual event represents the essence of rich traditions and the spirit of unity. Saathi’s President, Sajani Amatya chaired the program and it was graced by esteemed guests including Mr. Santosh Khadka, Ward Chairperson of Ward No. 4, Lalitpur, along with ward members. Additionally, principals from schools where Saathi’s children pursue their education, attended the program, further emphasizing the strong ties between our program and educational institutions. Also, with the presence of the beloved Nepali film industry actress, Ms. Samragyee RL Shah, the program was filled with charm and excitement.

The Dashain program was marked by energetic cultural dance performances by the children, who displayed their talent and enthusiasm for their culture. They extended their heartfelt Dashain greetings to all, spreading the festive cheer.

The grand cultural celebration concluded with a heartwarming thank-you speech from the Children Program Coordinator. The program was a vibrant and joyous affair that brought together children from the Saathi children program, dedicated staff members, esteemed guests, and local community leaders.