Activities carried out during December 2018:

Visit to Chandragiri hills

Chandragiri hill lies on the southwest side of the Kathmandu Valley. This hill is connected with both Buddhist and Hindu religion. Cable car facility as a transportation to reach the hills is the main attraction of the place and provides opportunity to experience and view the untainted wilderness.

Health camp was organized for the children at Senior boys home

Nothing is more important than a good health!

Therefore, annual health camp is one essential activity for our children’s program. The health camp provides emergency care to illness or injury and ensures appropriate referrals to health care providers. It helps monitor communicable diseases.

Workshop on “Self Esteem” by the counselors for the children

A workshop is a great way for students to learn about the particular subject, learn new projects and methods. Our children are facilitated by various workshops relating to their education, problems and issues by the counselors, professionals and by the team itself.

Visit to Bhaktapur and Sanga

Visit to historical sites Sanga and Bhaktapur. The visit to historical sites turnout to be beneficial for the children because it will enable children to develop deeper understanding of the people and places that has shaped the society today. Visit to historical sites will help keep the history alive and will be passed on to generations to generations.

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