June 8, 2024, Lalitpur – Saathi, in collaboration with Hamro Dental Clinic, organized a dental camp dedicated to promoting the dental health of children from Saathi’s four safer homes. This initiative focused on the comprehensive well-being of the children under Saathi’s care, emphasizing the critical role of dental hygiene in their overall health. During the camp, 143 children received thorough dental check-ups, ensuring that each child benefited from professional oral healthcare. The check-ups included examinations for cavities, gum diseases, and other common dental issues.

The children were also taught about the importance of regular brushing and flossing, the effects of diet on dental health, and the need for routine dental check-ups. This education aimed to instill lifelong healthy habits that can prevent dental problems in the future. The initiative underscored the importance of preventive healthcare, showing how early intervention can effectively mitigate long-term dental issues.
The dental camp played a significant role in ensuring the holistic health and development of children, highlighting the importance of dental hygiene, preventive healthcare, and early intervention, establishing a profound commitment to the well-being and future health of the children.