December 28, 2023, Lalitpur – Saathi Children Program recently spearheaded a transformative training session on December 28, 2023, hosted at Kwality FoodLand, Ekantakuna. The event brought together our residential and program staff under the guidance of Mr. Rabin Nepali, aimed at fortifying expertise in child protection, rights, and fostering a secure environment. Mr. Nepali led an engaging discussion covering crucial facets like Child Protection/Safeguarding, Child Rights and Participation, and National Laws and Policies pertaining to children. This intensive training equips our team to craft a safe haven, ensuring a nurturing space for the children entrusted to our care.
The comprehensive nature of this training empowers our team to establish an environment where children not only feel protected but are also actively encouraged to participate and exercise their rights. By honing in on legal frameworks and best practices, Saathi Children Program is committed to creating a foundation where every child feels valued and secure. This endeavor aligns with our mission to champion the rights of children, inviting supporters to join hands in creating a future where every child thrives within a framework of informed care and advocacy.