December 22, 2023 – Saathi continues its unwavering commitment to advocate for women’s rights and, in parallel, ensures the safety and well-being of children through proactive engagements. Recently, we orchestrated an interactive program focused on Child Rights and Child Security in schools, engaging 40 passionate educators from various schools in Lalitpur. Led by the esteemed Sagar Bhandari, the session delved into critical safety concerns impacting school students, exploring existing policies, and discussing best practices at the school level.

During this dynamic gathering organized by Saathi on December 22, 2023, educators actively participated in debates, discussions, and consultations, highlighting the pressing need for enhanced safety measures within school environments. The program facilitated a platform for educators to delve into vital aspects of child rights and protection policies specifically tailored for schools. Saathi remains committed to empowering educators as key stakeholders in creating secure and nurturing spaces for children to thrive within educational institutions, fostering an environment where their rights are respected and upheld.