May 13, 2024, Kanchanpur, Far western Province – Saathi has successfully established the Gender-Based Violence Monitoring Group (लैंगिक हिंसा निगरानी समूह) / Project Steering Committee in two wards each of Krishnapur and Shuklaphata Municipalities. These groups were formed with the active participation of key intellectuals and social workers, coordinated closely with the ward offices.

Formation Process: Consultations with ward chairs were conducted to identify suitable individuals known for their vocal support, leadership abilities, facilitation capacity, positive outlook, and sensitivity to GBV issues. The newly formed groups have several key responsibilities, including providing regular advice and feedback to the project team, initiating measures to prevent and mitigate GBV, facilitating coordination with relevant agencies to support GBV victims, and monitoring GBV cases.

Highlights: The group formation meetings, held at the ward offices in the presence of ward chairs, fostered a sense of ownership and project awareness among officials, positively impacting implementation. Regular consultations and information sharing with ward offices at every level emphasized Saathi’s close communication and coordination. Two groups were formed, one led by a male and the other by a female, ensuring gender-inclusive leadership. Separate WhatsApp groups were created for information sharing among members. Ward chairs expressed their commitment to supporting the project’s effective implementation and urged the groups to focus on addressing suppressed GBV cases.
Recommendations: Meeting attendees appreciated Saathi’s GBV prevention initiatives and pledged their support. It was suggested that the groups meet monthly or as required. Orientation programs for the new groups were recommended, as well as organizing joint experience and learning sharing programs between the groups of Krishnapur and Shuklaphata Municipalities to enhance collaboration and effectiveness.

This formation marks a significant step forward in addressing and mitigating GBV within these communities through structured community involvement and support.

Saathi’s ongoing initiative, the Generating Ownership Awareness & Liberation (GOAL): From Harmful Gender Stereotypes and SGBV program, supported by AEIN Luxembourg, has been instrumental in this endeavor. The monitoring committee provides feedback and suggestions to GOAL project team as well as helps in preventing and responding SGBV in the program community.