May 2. 2024, Dang, Lumbini Province – Saathi, in collaboration with the Lumbini provincial government, held consultative meeting focusing on gender-responsive policies and programs. Attended by 26 government officials, including heads of planning divisions, the event aimed to discuss the internalization of CEDAW recommendations in annual policy and program of the province.

Bandana Rana, Saathi’s strategic advisor and UN CEDAW Committee member, briefed government officials on CEDAW’s role and the recommendations it offers countries. The discussion centered on Nepal’s 6th periodic report to CEDAW and why the recently submitted 7th report didn’t adequately reflect the provincial government’s achievements in gender equality.

Radhika Aryal, provincial chief secretary, emphasized the need for close collaboration between federal and provincial governments to implement CEDAW recommendations effectively.
Rana encouraged officials to utilize CEDAW recommendations as valuable resources tailored to Nepal’s context.

Sharada Basyal Belbase, acting secretary of the provincial ministry of women, children, and senior citizens, highlighted the collaboration gap between provincial and federal governments in preparing CEDAW reports. She stressed the necessity of a monitoring mechanism to mainstream CEDAW recommendations into government policies at all levels.

With provincial governments drafting their annual plans, Saathi seized the opportunity to remind officials of CEDAW’s recommendations and urged them to incorporate these into their upcoming plans.