Kathmandu, August 23, 2023 – Saathi in collaboration with Save the Children and funded by SIDA hosted a panel discussion focused on “Mainstreaming Intersectionality and Child Rights in Men Engage Movement” on August 22, 2023. The event aimed to promote gender equality and eradicate discrimination against women and girls, while emphasizing the involvement of men in these efforts.

A total of 38 participants representing different member organizations in the Men Engage Alliance Nepal attended the event. The program featured two panels. The first panel, led by Pinky Singh Rana, a Board Member of Saathi and CEO/Founder of PSR Research and Consultancies, discussed why MEA Nepal needs to devise intersectional approach in its policy, program and activities aimed at advancing gender equality. 

Panelists Kailash Rai, Angel Lama, and Raju Basnet, renowned researchers and activists, highlighted the importance of considering diverse identities and perspectives within the Men Engage Movement for Gender Equality. They emphasized that understanding intersectionality – the interconnected nature of social categories such as gender, race, and class – is crucial for addressing discrimination and privilege effectively. The discussion underscored the significance of considering various identities and backgrounds in dismantling harmful norms and behaviors.

The second panel, facilitated by Indu Tuladhar, a Child Rights Expert and Lawyer, focused on child rights. Panelists Writu Bhatta Rai, Meena Sharma, Santosh Maharjan, and Dhurba Gautam, all of them child rights activists, discussed the importance of breaking traditional gender stereotypes in child-rearing. They highlighted the significant role father plays in shaping children’s perceptions of gender roles and responsibilities. The panel emphasized that fathers’ active involvement in household chores and caregiving tasks demonstrates that these roles are not confined by gender, contributing to breaking the cycle of traditional gender norms.

The valuable feedback and suggestions garnered from the panel discussion will be integrated into the Men Engage Alliance Nepal’s upcoming strategy, ensuring a comprehensive and informed approach to addressing intersectionality and child rights issues.