August 6, 2023 – Saathi conducted an interaction program aimed at fostering dialogue on emerging issues surrounding gender equality 6  August, 2023 . The event saw the active participation of 35 distinguished women lawmakers from the federal parliament. Facilitating the insightful gathering was Bandana Rana, a former president of Saathi and a notable member of the UN CEDAW committee.

Rana provided valuable insights into the UN CEDAW committee’s concluding observations and mechanisms during the interactive session. Of particular interest was the discussion on the topical matter of gender self-identification, with Rana highlighting that CEDAW’s decision on the issue is still pending. This exploration proved to be instrumental in deepening the parliamentarians’ understanding of critical gender-related subjects.

The engagement witnessed a collaborative spirit as the parliamentarians sought Rana’s expert guidance on leveraging CEDAW’s framework as an effective advocacy tool. Recognizing Saathi’s vital role in gender advocacy, the parliamentarians extended their request for the organization’s support in documenting parliamentary initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality. This documentation holds promise as a valuable resource for future CEDAW reporting, showcasing the significant strides being made within the parliamentary arena.

Speaking at the event, Saathi’s President, Sajani Amatya, underscored the practical importance of such discussions. She highlighted how these engagements not only empower women parliamentarians to engage more deeply in parliamentary processes but also equip them to contribute more effectively to the development of gender-responsive policies, programs, and legislation. The event concluded with optimism and a shared commitment to advancing gender equality through collaborative efforts and informed advocacy within the federal parliament.