December 18, Sudurpaschim Province – Saathi team led by Executive Director Suvekchya Rana conducted a monitoring visit to Sudurpaschim province from December 17th to 18th, 2023. The visit aimed to engage with political leaders, gain approvals from governmental bodies for a new program, and evaluate ongoing initiatives fostering safer environments and empowerment.

The visit commenced with a series of high-level meetings with political leaders, focusing on multifaceted gender issues prevalent in the region. Discussions delved into strategies to enhance gender parity and tackle challenges faced by survivors. Notably, the visit secured essential approvals from Government bodies for a new program going to be implemented under the auspices of AEIN, Luxembourg, promising significant strides in addressing pertinent gender issues.

Critical to the visit was the monitoring of Saathi Shelter in Mahendranagar, an initiative pivotal in providing support to survivors. Additionally, the team also visited to Dhangadhi to inspect safer homes which has been provided with technical support by Saathi. The team interacted with shelter home officials. This interaction proved instrumental in identifying challenges, understanding key lessons, and strategizing the way forward to bolster the efficacy and sustainability of shelter services.

The discussion emphasized the need to bolster access to justice for survivors while ensuring their safety, security, and empowerment. Insights gained from their interactions are expected to catalyze improvements in shelter services, thereby augmenting the support system for survivors.

The visit underscored a commitment to fostering an environment conducive to the well-being and empowerment of survivors. As discussions revolved around challenges, lessons learned, and future strategies, the focus remained unwaveringly on amplifying access to justice and fortifying the safety net for those in need.