Saathi, as current secretariat of Men Engage Alliance (MEA) Nepal, organized  a consultative meeting that brought together past secretariat heads, members of the management committee of the alliance.  The gathering marked a crucial step in the formulation of MEA Nepal’s new strategic direction. This comprehensive session, marked by constructive discussions, encompassed reflections on MEA Nepal’s governance, structural operations, and membership dynamics.

With the objective of charting a forward-looking path, the meeting yielded consensus on important matters. The proposed new strategy is to span a transformative three-year period, reinforcing MEA Nepal’s commitment to advancing gender-related agendas. Furthermore, an agreement was reached to conduct a thorough review and reconfirmation of the alliance’s membership roster. This process involves a proactive call to members to complete the updated membership form, thereby ensuring an accurate representation.

Underlining the dedication to methodical strategy development, Bandana Rana, Saathi’s esteemed past president, graciously volunteered to guide the strategic development process. Her involvement brings a wealth of experience and insight, promising a robust and inclusive strategy that will shape MEA Nepal’s trajectory.

This consultative meeting not only emphasizes Saathi’s role as a catalyst for progressive dialogues but also highlights the collective commitment of MEA Nepal stakeholders to devise a comprehensive and impactful strategy. As the alliance navigates this crucial phase, the engagement of seasoned professionals and the commitment to inclusive policy formulation stand as testaments to the dedication to gender equality and transformative change.