Lalitpur, August 29, 2023 – Saathi Youth Group celebrated International Youth Day by hosting a dialogue program focused on fostering healthy relationships and empowering youth in the realms of gender equality and violence prevention. The event, held at the ULLENS auditorium, aimed to raise awareness about critical issues affecting today’s young generation.

Suvekchya Rana, Executive Director of Saathi, emphasized the pressing need to educate youth about online safety, given the prevalent lack of awareness that sometimes leads to inadvertent online misconduct.

During the event, a sensitization session addressed the growing concern of online violence and the importance of internet safety. Anup Nasnani, Head of Data and Communication at Saathi, imparted valuable insights to the attendees, highlighting measures for secure online navigation and the avoidance of digital crimes.

Prominent youth political activist, Ranju Darsana, and her husband, Kishu Kuikel, shared their personal journey of nurturing a healthy relationship, underscoring the significance of mutual trust and respect. Their experience served as an inspiration for positive partnerships.

The program saw the participation of 200 youths from diverse educational institutions, alongside beneficiaries of Saathi’s youth initiatives. Binju Baral, trainer on SRHR issues, advised the youth on the nuances of safe dating. She advocated for responsible dating practices, suggesting that while dating is not inherently problematic, prioritizing personal safety while choosing venues and activities is paramount.

Saathi Youth Group’s commemoration of International Youth Day 2023 marked a pivotal step in nurturing informed and empowered young individuals. By addressing pertinent issues and providing actionable guidance, Saathi demonstrated its commitment to shaping a more resilient and equitable youth community.