December 22, 2023, Lalitpur – Saathi organized a consultative workshop with ward chairs of Lalitpur municipality with the aim of fostering cooperation with local government for gender equality and women empowerment on 22 December, 2023.

The consultation was led by Manjali Shakya, Deputy Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City. The discussions was centered on forging alliances with the Ward Office for the promotion of women’s rights and ensure security for the violence survivors women and girls.

President, Sajani Amatya, and Strategic Director, Bandana Rana, highlighted Saathi’s profound commitment to community-driven initiatives, empowering individuals, and nurturing grassroots sustainable development.

The discussions highlighted the critical role of Saathi’s women shelters and the imperative need for support from both ward offices and the metropolitan city. These shelters serve as sanctuaries for vulnerable women, offering safety, rehabilitation, and empowerment.

Collaboration between Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Ward Offices, and Saathi is envisioned to catalyze transformative initiatives and amplify community impact, specifically bolstering support for these essential women shelters.

This workshop laid the foundation for a strategic partnership aimed at inclusive development. Collaborative efforts seek to address the needs of vulnerable women, fortify women shelters, and foster a more empowered future for all within Lalitpur Metropolitan City.