As continued intervention in the school sector for the prevention of sexual and gender based violence ,  Saathi organized  a 3-day Training of Trainers (ToT) for primary school teachers from  12 different schools in Lalitpur on 2-4 January, 2019. There were 35 participants in the program.

The training sensitized the primary school teachers on gender and socialization. It reviewed teaching methods and curricula with gender lens, discussed the forms of gender discrimination in school settings, and reflected on how gender is ingrained in the individuals since early age and perpetuated by institutions even like school.

The training also cogitated upon the solutions and measures to be taken by the school, teacher and parents and students themselves to ensure violence free learning environment in school.

The overall aim of the training was to make a contribution in preventing young pupils developing gender stereotypes and learning gender biases from an early age.

Following were the specific objective of the program

The ToT provided the participants conceptual clarity on sex and gender. The program also highlighted the process of creating gender and socialization process attached to it.

The program also discussed on the forms of gender based violence taking place in the school setting, the challenges to address this violence and the mechanism to follow to resolve such issues. 

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