A monitoring team visited Sindhupalchok on 22 April, 2019 and interacted with the members of adolescent girls group being supported by Saathi.

The team led by organization’s president Uma Shah visited 3 schools in Chautara Sangachokgadhi municipality met with the members of the groups taking the stock of the works they are doing at schools and in their communities on the issues related to adolescent girls.

All the schools visited were without running water in the bathroom causing problem to attend school during their time of the month. Saathi has formed 7 adolescent groups in Sindhupalchowk and long been supporting them.
The girls groups are working to tackle the problems related to menstrual hygiene and stigma attached to it, child marriage and other forms of discriminatory mores being practiced in society. The adolescent girls are being empowered with leadership training and being sensitised on issue of their concerns.

The visiting team also donated some bed sheets to the shelter being operated by Sakti Samuha at Chautara.

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