Saathi organized a multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss the local government priorities in addressing the adverse impact of climate change on urban poor women, especially home-based workers living in squatters. The local government representatives of Madhyapur Thimi including the Deputy mayor and Godawari Municipality among other stakeholders participated in the discussion.

Saathi chair Sajani Amayta welcomed the participants underlining the need for inclusive climate change policy and programs at the local level in building resilient cities and communities.

Anjana Devi Madhikarmi, Deputy Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi municipality accepted that that local government is yet to address the demand of home-based workers dwelling in informal settlements. However, she promised that she will look into their issues more closely and attentively in the coming days.

The meeting concluded by underscoring the need for women home-based workers to be united and register in the concerned authority and put forward their demands formally. The local government authorities also promised to initiate the process of forming new policies and programs in addressing climate change’s impact on the urban poor and slum dwellers.

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